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Rally at City Dog Training

Strummer and I took our first Rally class at City Dog Training earlier this spring. Rally is a dog sport based on obedience that develops and promotes teamwork between the dog and handler. It's a great sport for pet owners, whether you just want something to do together with your dog or you want to compete for Rally titles for your dog.

The skills that the team performs in Rally are the same skills as in obedience, but, unlike obedience, you are allowed to talk to, praise, and encourage your dog. Loud or harsh commands or intimidating signals, however, are penalized.

Strummer has always enjoyed taking classes with me. I like spending time with her and she likes spending time with me, but training is more than that. Training is special time for the two of us: I can't do it without her and she can't do it without me. It takes two to tango, and it takes two to train.


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